The Necronomicon Book of Shadows

Dedicated to the memory of Howard Phillips Lovecraft, 1890 - 1937


Carl Gustav Jung 1875 - 1961

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The Cards of The Major Arcana



The Cards of the Minor Arcana


“… In many ways, the Lovecraft Tarot defies the “traditional” Tarot structure. This is actually quite appropriate, considering the material it draws its imagery from. The Cthulhu Mythos is a pantheon of pure chaos, and one cannot expect it to fit neatly into such an organized structure as what the Tarot has become over the past 400 years. Nonetheless, certain concepts and ideas have some clear correspondences – taking into account the Mythos frame of reference – with the better-known Tarot symbolism. Thus I have done my best to restructure the Lovecraft Tarot along lines which correspond to the conventional Tarot series. “However, one of the key principals underlying the Cthulhu Mythos (and my representation thereof) is its absolute defiance of rational human structures. So, while I have done my best to provide the Mythos imagery with direct relationships to the conventional Tarot, I certainly tried to avoid forcing the matter. When no clear correspondence could be made, I followed my intuition in attributing the cards to their “rightful” places & apparent sequence. I hope you will indulge me in this, & I trust that the result will operate as a functional Tarot, as well as being a wonderful collection of illustrations of the works of Howard Phillips Lovecraft”

From the Introduction to The HP Lovecraft Tarot

by Daryl Hutchinson and Eric C. Friedman