20: Cthulhu Awakens;



Having worked through this interpretation of the Tarot, and defined this under our own terms, the Card that is usually ‘Justice’ is defined by the Lovecraft Deck as ‘Cthulhu Awakens’.
        The religious view of the Cult of R’Lyeh is quite simple. Whilst Cthulhu rests, being dead but still dreaming in His underwater Tomb, when the Stars are Right He will rise from His slumber. With this being His rising, humanity will then be judged in our evil, and the Old Ones will again take control of the Cosmos. Whilst this is the reason for worshipping this as our system of Gods, however, Cthulhu Awakens, as a Card of the Lovecraft Tarot, still has a clear definition within this study, and so needs to be described in this context.
        With the previous definitions of the Cards of this Tarot having been discussed, it should be obvious to the Reader that the Cards can be interpreted as according to their traditional meanings, as well as with this statement as to the Lovecraftian. With this being defined, then, I will discuss this Card as according to the principals of Ceremonial magick as accords to the Cult of R’Lyeh, as opposed to any other meaning of any other Card as accords to this as a system of divination*. In this context it should be obvious to the Reader of the Tarot what this Card represents, whilst to the R’Lyeh the Tarot stands as a key towards an understanding of Ritual magick.
        In this respect the Lovecraft Tarot reflects this idea when it says that “the key point [to this definition] is the return to the direct rulership of Divine Will over the Earth. It is the renewal of an ancient order, the restoration of clear vision and the end of strife (if naught else, servitude to the Great Old Ones will end our bickering amongst ourselves).”
        To write some sort of definition to this statement, it is ours to interpret this statement according to the definition of Divine or ‘True Will’ as accords to the religions of the Cults of Aliestair Crowley. This statement, taken in itself, makes the statement that the actions of ‘True Will’, according to the Worship of Cthulhu, will put His worshippers in control of the Earth. True Will is the genuine evocation of the forces of the occult, and such a ‘renewal of ancient order’ and ‘restoration of clear vision’ is here prophesised as meaning that, when we properly evoke the forces of magick, through such use of True Will, then the worshippers of Cthulhu will gain domination of the Earth and everything beyond, in that this is what our worship will deliver us.
        “This restoration is a victory over death. It is the realization of spiritual eternity in a physical context, as discussed in reference to previous cards”, the Lovecraft Tarot continues to tell us. Whilst this statement might seem quite straightforward in itself, to the Cult of R’Lyeh this stands as prophesy that our worship of Cthulhu will put us in charge of the Earth, as stated. This ‘victory over death’ says this directly to us, as well as to say that in terms of the occult, we are morally right. A ‘realization of spiritual eternity in a physical context’, further to this, tells us that the worship of Cthulhu is to transcend that which is around us in terms of a physical context; and this ‘reference to previous cards’ puts this entire book into context as part of our religious perspective.
        We end this definition as to the Tarot Card that is ‘Cthulhu Awakens’ in quoting a statement from the Introductory Book, that “[m]uch of what we know as the ‘natural’ world is finally returned to its truly natural state, unhindered and unimpeded by the blind ravages of human ambition.” Whilst it is not entirely clear as to exactly why the Lovecraft Tarot would want to put this statement here, it does still have some relevance to he worship of the Cthulhu Mythos occult. This ‘natural state’ represents the primary building blocks of matter in its natural state as part of the occult. In passing through death all of these definitions are broken down into their initial and primary forms; and that which is built from the occult will be returned to its natural form of esoteric chaos, confusion, and the constituent parts of black magick.

The Awakening of Cthulhu represents spiritual victory in terms of our worship as the Cult of R’Lyeh. It represents the culmination of all of our religious principals, and the dawning of judgement upon the evil conduct of mankind. A definition with the Positive Reading with this Card is described by the Lovecraft Tarot as the “Triumph of Spirit over matter; triumph of Spirit in matter!” This statement here describes the successful culmination of our work in worshipping the Great Old Ones; the ‘triumph of Spirit in matter’ being a forecast of a culmination of ritual worship in terms of manifestation. In practicing the worship of our chosen system of Gods, magick is here successful, and works of magick here culminate as ritual truth. “Emancipation, redemption [and] salvation” are defined in the same statement, this meaning that our worship of the Great Old Ones will lead to our being looked upon by Cthulhu with favour and, in that, those who will be the rightful rulers of the Earth.
        “Resurrection” is defined, and therefore that which is ‘dead’ will rise again on Earth, in the same way that Cthulhu will again rise from His death in sunken R’Lyeh. The “end of cycles” is defined, and this will define the Cosmos as Cthulhu awakens from His sleep. The cycles of the Universe will eventually be ended, as the God of the R’Lyeh will awaken to claim the Stars as His own, and the cycles of the Cosmos will end as the R’Lyeh are eventually victorious in claiming our power over Mankind in our worship.
        And time will culminate as its beginning will also be its end. “[L]essons learned and progress made to [a] new level or place of being” is how the Lovecraft Tarot defines this statement, as the Awakening of Cthulhu is defined as our conquest of time and space as His worshippers and followers in belief.
        “Freedom [and] release” are defined in this definition, as “return to innocence” is defined as Cthulhu will eventually once more Awaken to regain His place as the Ruler of all Space and further Dimensions of perception. A Positive Reading here defines success in taking control, in both a personal and a social situation.

The Negative Reading is defined in the context of Cthulhu Awakening as being an aspect of ‘Justice’. In the Negative sense, then, the power and significance of this as the main religious statement of the R’Lyeh is in context quite serious, as it is defined as “dilution of Spirit by / in Matter”. In terms of this as a religious study, Spirit and Matter are closely linked, but if something cannot be created in terms of Spirit, then as the worshippers of Cthulhu, we cannot expect it to be realized as material in Matter.
        This as a concept can be expressed quite clearly, as the definition is here described by the Lovecraft Tarot, as relating to the ideas of radio signals and static. In continuing this description of where the Lovecraft system stands as being quite unique as a system of Tarot, we arrive at a statement here that “density, opaqueness: electronic noise garbling the signal [and a] state of impurity” will be part of a Reading. The Cult of R’Lyeh take a particular interest in this statement as a reference to ritual magick.
        This book has not been written to describe much about the various religious Sects involved with the religious R’Lyeh, but various different parts of our religion are involved with the study of radio and electronic signals*. It is, however, not the subject of this book to describe this in any depth. (Whilst the author would like to see comprehensive work done on the subject of radio static and the occult, it is not the idea to turn TV static into material form, but to use it as a focus for psychick meditation to the Necronomicon system of worship. But I digress…)
        Following on, a Negative Reading warns us of “Reincarnation”; in this sense being a Negative aspect to this as an idea, with “return to previous cycle[s] for further instruction [and] lessons not learned becom[ing] obstacles to progress.” Our interpretation of this statement involves the reality of Cthulhu as being the God system dictating Space and Time, with this concept now defined as part of the Tarot system in context with how we live our own lives.
        This statement from the Tarot ends by defining “Indulgence, inactivity, lethargy; complete lack of stimuli”. Whilst this system of Tarot defines this statement under ‘Judgement’, it is probably more representative of our own attitudes to our own lives and the study of Ritual Magick, and is defined with Card 21 as it fits in with the larger system, as opposed to the Awakening of Cthulhu as it effects His worshippers as the rightful owners of the Earth.

* If, by any chance, the Magus should want more information as to where this stands as divination, other books on the Tarot will describe the meaning of ‘Justice’ according to this in context.

* If the reader wants to go further with this idea as a study, there are factions of religious belief who work around this idea. Further information can be found on the Internet, although I am not listing any Websites here.