10: Hounds of Tindalos;

the Wheel of Fortune.


Beware the Tindalos Hounds, for they come not through angles, but through the spaces in between. Card 10 is, in the traditional Tarot, the Wheel of Fortune; that being the Card that usually forecasts the turning of the wheels of fate and the fortune, or not, of the situations that are destined as being our future. The Lovecraft Tarot takes another view of this statement of cycles and the turning of astral dimensions quite literally, however, and the Card that is here depicted as the Tindalos Hounds is concerned with the myriad revolution of the dimensions of which our Mythos is concerned. Rather than taking a parallel line to the traditional Reading with this Card, however, the Hounds of Tindalos Card is concerned with the occult and the cyclical turning of time and the madness of the dimensions of which they dwell.
        The Wheel of Fortune in the Lovecraft Tarot is representative, not of the turning of any wheel, but of the huge wheels of the cosmos and related dimensions not understood by mankind. The reader of this Tarot should be aware of this when following the Positive and Negative interpretation of this Card because, whilst these statements are admittedly quite obscure, they should be read as concerning the religious following of the Gods of The Necronomicon. If these are the concepts of our religious worship, then we should try to accept such, admittedly bizarre, concepts into our belief and our use of ritual magick. Whilst these concepts are usually outside of the care of the majority of human religions, it is ours to accept the nature of the Tindalos Hounds as They are defined in these terms; and the Magus would do well to regard the Tindalos Hounds with much caution.
        If the ‘Hounds’ are concerned with humanity, then it is primarily with the turning of wheels of time, as they exist within such strange dimensions. In human terms, therefore, They can be related to our understanding of, as well as the Earthly acceptance of, the principals of science. Being dwellers within the dimensions of time they know the future, but the Tindalos Hounds have little interest in this. Science is nothing but a tiny aspect in the consideration of the infinity of time, and the Hounds of Tindalos do not see these things in terms that we, as people, regard them as important.
        Science is only one conceptual belief, then, and the Lovecraft Tarot defines science in this aspect as “[T]he perceived illusion of curved space and motion, and the repetitive cycles of time…” And in respect to what has been written, the Tarot defines the conscious understanding of this strange concept as being “necessary to the psychological survival of the human race…”
        These, admittedly bizarre, statements concerning the human limitations of strange dimensions and time, “are not without merit or value”, states the Lovecraft Tarot. The Introductory Book goes on to put such concepts into perspective now, and these concepts are clarified. “Human perception and observation of the apparent repetitions of celestial bodies and material qualities has given us science and technology.” The insane chaos conveyed as Tindalos is now played off with human understanding on a level more mundane.
        But these concepts in terms of Tindalos are the concepts of the more primitive societies of mankind. If current Western societies operate in terms of what can be ‘proven’, then early Shamanic cultures have always been more receptive to the more esoteric nature of what is around us. “Even more important [than scientific belief]…” in this concept, “is the wide range of mythological paradigms which have been inspired by the cycles of time and the cycles of the Earth and celestial bodies in space… primitive as these Archetypes may seem, they are designed to provide a gateway beyond the limits of the cycles of time & the boundaries of space, into the profound depths which are the still center around which all these cycles revolve.” In this statement we see the philosophy behind so many Shamanic societies, who view the ascension of consciousness above the rigid constraints that are ‘proven’ by the rigid psychological dogmas that we are forced to believe in the West.
        Before moving on to define the meanings of Positive and Negative Readings, I’d like to bring the reader to the last statement in the given Introductory Book, which goes to point out that, within this concept of time, everything is ultimately still about cycles and the idea of the ever turning wheel. “In… revolutions around the wheel, we move ever closer to the centre, until we become that still point around which everything spins. That is our link to other further dimensions.” At the end of the day, and whatever our efforts, we are all of us passive constituents in a cosmos where we are utterly irrelevant. As the Gods of The Necronomicon exist above us, we are as insects to them, and in the greater scheme of infinity, as people we have no consequence in the greater system at all.

POSITIVE READING: The HP Lovecraft Tarot is very much a law unto itself. Taking the idea of the Hounds of Tindalos to represent the Card that is usually the Wheel of Fortune, the Positive and Negative Readings continue to discuss the idea of cycles, and in much the same way as we have discussed it so far.
        Whilst speaking in terms of these cycles, this Tarot begins its definition of the Positive Reading, with a forecast of “Revolution, evolution, progress [and] advancement.” It is my view, in writing this to explain the obscure definitions sometimes given by this system of the Tarot, that the statement ‘revolution’ cannot be representative of the term in the political sense of the word; but if considered in terms of ourselves and the development we can make within ourselves, this statement makes more sense. The three statements that follow seem to reinforce this view, speaking of a possible coming situation of personal change.
        The ideas of ‘evolution’, and the rest of the terms defined under the Positive definition given, also have relevance to the external world around us, and this Card may have meaning in terms of our personal situation changing and developing. This should therefore be seen as being a very good Card to be drawn, in any Reading.
        The concept of lifestyle issues evolving and developing is followed as the Tarot defines, “Natural cycles of increase”. Personal situations are changing, and past work put into personal projects will result in success. “Harvesting the fruits of either efforts or capital” is defined, thus reiterating the idea. Things are good. Work we have put in to improve our own situation will soon be productive.
        Our study continues, as the Lovecraft Deck moves on to define something characteristically more obscure. The “Celestial body in its proper course” is next with the definition of the Positive Reading. The meaning of this statement is not immediately obvious, but speaks in terms of our lives as considered as part of the Zodiac. Whilst, if considered in terms of astrology, things can be considered in terms of any personal situation, the Stars are here in the right place for us. Again this is an indication that things are going right for us. This is a particularly productive period in our lives.
        All of this would seem to say that the forces of the cosmos are smiling at us. “Beneficial influence; good fortune, kind fate” are defined, and this last description of the Cards Positive meaning reinforces this statement that this is a good period in our lives. The Wheel of Fortune has turned in our favour, and the Hounds of Tindalos are at rest in Their own part of time, in which they dwell.

NEGATIVE READING: It is characteristic in the Lovecraft Tarot, that if a Positive Reading is particularly good, then the Negative Reading is unusually bad. In defining “Retrogression, regression, reversal [and] retreat”, the opposite of the definition above is insinuated. This statement could theoretically relate to any issue, and in interpreting this Card, I choose to leave it to be considered by the person who is reading the Spread. Ideas of reversal being defined, it may be better to interpret this in terms of the Reading in hand, with this statement being so general as to be difficult to put into any explanatory statement such as this.
        Our daily lives come into play once more as this definition speaks of “Disruption of natural cycles, deviation from & / or corruption of normal patterns”. Here’s an example of how a Negative Reading can be the reverse of what is forecast by the Positive. So in describing this statement, this quotation could, as a possibility to be considered, be a warning that a situation could soon arise that could completely shake up our lifestyle. Such occurrences are usually not expected, but everyone has experienced such a situation at some point in their lives, at least.
        The Negative Reading lurches from being a forecast of a future situation that we should expect and possibly plan for, towards being something more daemonic. A “Malefic influence” is predicted. Whilst it is difficult to account directly for such a statement, if this should come into play in a Reading, it would be very characteristic of the Lovecraft Tarot to describe the meaning of a Card in these terms. And the statement is concluded in equally dark terms, saying that the Hounds of Tindalos, if drawn in the context of a Negative Reading, is representative of “ill aspect; planet retrograde, void of course moon; cruel fortune, harsh fate.” Before continuing to end the Lovecraftian interpretation of the Card that is the Wheel of Fortune, the last word on this Card is that this last statement should be considered in aspect to the ritual practice of magick. If these statements could possibly be an issue in a Reading, then this should be taken into account if the Magus is to engage in acts of worship. The Tarot can, therefore, be a useful term for the practitioners of magick in terms of understanding The Necronomicon, which is the blasphemous book of magick. We should use such forecasts as are here defined, to help us if we are to worship the systems of the Great Old Ones, through our use of ritual ceremonial magick, as well as using the Tarot in the more traditional sense, in reading what is our future.