21: The Crawling Chaos;

the World.


At the spiritual heart of everything is chaos, and the Worship of the Old Ones could be described as the understanding and acknowledgement of such astral chaos. Portrayed here is the ‘Crawling Chaos’ as an entity of alien and evil existence. There is no direction as to what, exactly, this Card should relate to in terms of Mythos Gods – but only that there is one force for Chaos that is immortal, sentinent, and of ghastly evil. This Card relates to neither Earth nor the Cosmos; and has no defined meaning further than this as defined.
        The Cosmos is of infinite insanity, and has no rules or system of order. And as we have here come to the end of this study of the Major Arcana, we return to the beginning and the nucleus of creation. “The music of the spheres degenerates into a cacophony led by Azathoths pipers”, says the Tarot. As we here come to the end of our definition of the Tarot, the initial madness of the Courts of Azathoth come back into play. At the end of the day all is madness. When it comes to the point, and regardless to all that has previously been defined, there is neither order nor reason. Whilst the Gods play games of madness, there is – in fact – no order at all.
        Where Card 22 is relevant, it concerns the end of the Cosmos, of Time, and the reason of mankind. “The stars deviate from their course, planets whirl from their orbits, suns explode and engulf their satellites.” At the end of the day, whatever the technology of human kind, we actually have no control over over our ultimate end; everything is actually under the control of a greater mind. “We shout and kill and revel in the short time we have before our sun expands, the seas evaporate, and we dissolve in radiant radioactivity.”
        The Crawling Chaos is therefore representative of the end. At the end of the day humanity is a futile race, and we have no say over the end of our planet or our own existence. We are ultimately to be condemned to be nothing but a historical part of a much huger Cosmos.
        The HP Lovecraft Tarot now concludes this statement of the Major Arcana, and in doing so demonstrates the poetic virtue of our worship. “The stars are right, They have returned. They rule now where man once ruled. The cosmic dance of the spheres has become a riot, a celestial mob fleeing inevitable destruction… even the darkness fades… But the piping never ends.” And so ends this Major Arcana of the HP Lovecraft Tarot.
        This concludes Part One of The Necronomicon Book of Shadows, and hopefully I have done justice to the subject. In taking the place that is usually The World to Come, the Crawling Chaos represents the religious belief that, eventually, the entire civilisations and systems of mankind will ultimately collapse. The Universe is, according to the Cult of R’Lyeh, a mass of chaos and esoteric madness. In the long term, and despite our systems of organisation, mankind is ultimately nothing. And in the greater terms of the Cosmos, the human race can achieve nothing, and we are nothing but a minor figment in the greater scheme of the infinity of creation. The Great Old Ones exist as that which will always be, as Those who control the insanity of time and space, and in worshipping Them, we ultimately have to acknowledge our place as meaning nothing in the greater scheme of a reality in which we ultimately have no meaning.

The HP Lovecraft Tarot can be seen as a dialogue on creation, from the nucleus of the Cosmos as represented by Azathoth, the progress of humanity as an evolutionary species, to the structure of our society. Card 22 therefore, is representative of the conclusion of goals, endings and of things completed. The “Realization of ultimate goals; success, achievement, full & final accomplishment” is defined. This is the culmination of projects taken on; things are now finished and the outcome of this is that these projects are successful.
        Card 22 also represents the culmination of goals in the spiritual sense. Issues of “Revelation [and] spiritual realisation” are forecast. As the religious Worship of the Great Old Ones, this defines all previous Readings of the Cards as meaning that the outcome of our worship will be manifest, and that all religious projects that can be defined with the previous Cards of this Major Arcana, will be manifest as the productive outcome of projects. It is also defined as the “End of mythic quest.” In our religion, as with many others, it is often the case that we are searching for answers to our theological questions. The definition here symbolizes a situation whereby, for one reason or another, the answers to the religious questions we have been asking are now answered. This may be on a number of levels, as the nature of the occult is mystical, and we can have our questions answered in a number of different way.
        For the first time, the answers to our questions about life after death are defined. “Heaven, the Afterlife; Elysium, Olympius, Valhalla” are defined. Card 22 reinforces the belief previously defined in this book, that we do not know what the afterlife is in regard to the worship of the Necronomicon Mythos Gods. We assume that life after death is reality, but nowhere is this defined, before reading the dread Necronomicon itself, which is to descend into madness. “Elevation among the ‘Elect’” is defined. It is not clear as to what this actually means, but it is suggested that this relates to a situation of rising to a greater level due to work done and respect having been earned in social situations.

In the same sense as with the above, and with this being the last Card, the Crawling Chaos can be representative of complete destruction and the ultimate end. This can, therefore, be a dangerous Card to draw in terms of a Negative Reading, but it should be regarded that, in tradition, a reading of the Tarot rarely spells complete disaster. However, as “Chaos, failure; loss of goals & / or ambitions” is defined, then maybe this Card should be one to be careful with?
        The idea of the Crawling Chaos being the final Card is reflected when the Tarot is defined as “Apocalypse; Apocalyptic obsession & action.” Goals undertaken may result in disaster. A “Jerusalem Syndrome” is forecast. The religion of the R’Lyeh will attain realization as the Churches of orthodox religion will be risen and raised to the ground.
        This definition is continued as the HP Lovecraft Tarot concludes in making a statement as to our religious principal. The Crawling Chaos now concludes this Major Arcana; An “Inability to transcend the mundane world” is forecast, with this as a statement concerning our religious practice of transcending this world in the acknowledgement of our system of Gods. “Lack of spiritual fulfilment” is defined; the fulfilment gained through the worship of the Great Old Ones, in this sense is not a factor and, again, time away from intense worship could be advised. And the Major Arcana is now ended, as its concluding statement is “Hell, Hades, Tartarus”. Again, in not being sure of the reading of The Necronomicon and its complex religious tracts on the spiritual afterlife, we have to take this Card in context; and our interpretation of this is that these three statements should be seen as meaning the three infinite states of the Cosmos.
        The Major Arcana is now ended. In this concluding paragraph, the Negative Reading with the Crawling Chaos is defined as “material existence; lack of spiritual vision.” These two statements in themselves are read. Surely with a fixation with material existence and a lack of spiritual vision, our religion would mean nothing? We exist on Earth, therefore, in servitude to the greater minds of the Necronomicon system of the Great Old Ones, and in surrender to a greater system of Gods*. Cthulhu F’tagn.

* Part I of this book was completed shortly after Halowe’en 2009.