2: Yog Sothoth;

the High Priestess.


If the Card of Nyarlathotep is the communicator, then Yog-Sothoth must be regarded as the Guardian of the Gates between Human Consciousness and the vibrations through which the Old Ones speak. The meaning represented by this Card is one of psychadelia represented through the human consciousness attained through the derangement of mind expanding drugs. The Gates of which Yog-Sothoth guards cannot be understood in human terms, and the consciousness attained through the use of hallucinogenic drugs is the only way to understand this esoteric, and deeply chaotic state of psychological madness. This Card is to be seen as a trip whereby these Gates, and Yog-Sothoth, are manifest and perceived through the chaos of altered states attained through hallucinogens; with the Planets and the Cosmos racing through time, screaming through the occult and through dimensions unknown to any normal, human frame of mind.

    If Card 1 is representative of that which is considered by other religions as being ‘the creation’, then Yog-Sothoth is representative of the concept of a universal fabric through which all space, all time, and all matter is held together. The Lovecraft Tarot defines Yog-Sothoth as “the unity of all worlds; all space, all time, all matter. Yog-Sothoth is the subtle fabric which binds all aspects and dimensions of the Cosmos.” We can see Card 2, therefore, as being a part of the infinite fabric of creation which creates a universal ‘normality’ throughout existence.

        In terms of human consciousness, our perception is that we see things as being linear. This is not the case with the Great Old Ones. As an example, a chair is, to human consciousness, a static, solid object that can only exist in one dimension, and time can only move forward at a constant rate. This static, and linear reality, is that which is governed by Yog-Sothoth, and this is the reason why His Worshippers regard Him as ‘the Gate, and the Guardian of the Gate whereby all spheres meet.’ This in terms of the meaning of Card 2 is defined as the Lovecraft Tarot describes Yog-Sothoth in the development of our study, saying “Yog-Sothoth is the energy / substance which radiates out from Azathoth, and which Nyarlathotep draws on in order to take form.” As this study continues, we will see that our system of the Tarot continues towards defining a coherent religious system which unravels systematically.

        In defining Yog-Sothoth, He is representative here as the realization of religious enlightenment as attained through the ritual use of psychedelic drugs. Card 2 cannot really be defined any further than through this insight that comes through the shamanic use of mind expanding drugs (although the meaning can also be defined through this study, should it not be understood as being ceremonial). “Yog-Sothoth is thus the Gateway between all worlds, and the Guardian of the Threshold of transition and transfiguration from one world / dimension to another.” So this Card must be here defined as symbolic, that whilst it is normal and acceptable to view the world around us in one particular understanding, these perceptions can only be assumptions when we understand the Old Ones. Whilst humanity has one normal perception of ‘reality’, Yog-Sothoth guards the Gates of this ‘reality’, and the Universe is only static because Yog-Sothoth controls these Gates. Without Him, a threshold to higher spheres that can only be obtained through Worship and the use of psychedelic drugs, cannot be obtained. The Lovecraft Tarot tells us that “[by] properly making contact with this fundamental structure of the Multiverse in one place and / or time, one can gain access to any other point in space and time, or transmute any matter from one form to another.” Having been thus defined, there is a difference here between Card 2 as an interpretation of the High Priestess and the understanding of Yog-Sothoth as a figment of Worship.

        Having drawn this comparison then, Yog-Sothoth in representing a part of the Tarot should be seen in this context as representing issues within our day to day reality as transmuting, or of events changing from one thing into another. Whilst this is, on a human level something we see as being ‘normal’, the Tarot says that this may be due, on a higher level, to events being influenced on the greater level of the Cosmos. The ‘Readings’ below define this in better detail, and the Introductory Book to this Deck ends the definition by asking “Could this [interpretation] be a dim recollection of… the all-encompassing Substance of Primal Chaos which emanates from that Void?” So Yog-Sothoth controls the cohesion of the Astral, and of all matter defined under that definition.

POSITIVE READING: The Lovecraft Tarot defines “Transcendence of limitations & structure”. In a Positive Reading this corresponds to limitations and structure in a personal sense. We all have these limitations; this is in one sense in terms of ourselves and what we feel we can achieve in the sense of our day to day lives, but this also works on a greater level. The limitations imposed on our lives by external factors also here come into play, and a situation which stops us from moving on in life can be signified by this Card. This comes into play further with the word ‘structure’. In Western society our lives are entirely controlled by the context of structure. This Card can indicate changes in the way we live our lives, in the routine by which we live our lives, and, in a contemporary setting, the structure which usually controls it.

          But the statement concerning ‘Transcendence of limitations’, when concerned with Yog-Sothoth, also works on a greater level. The Lovecraft Tarot defines its meaning, here, as signifying that there will be a situation regarding the “direct tap into the Quintessensce / Ether / Akasha.” These statements refer to the (system which is sometimes seen as) Astral Ascention; the travel of the mind to higher spheres. This is also to be seen as a transcendence of limitations, but with these terms defined, this is now further defined as a form of exploration within our own minds, above actual experience of out-of-body travel. Yog-Sothoth is, as defined, the Gate, and the Key and Guardian of the Gate. To continue, this definition of a ‘tap into Akasha’ should be seen as the mental exploration necessary to perceive such Dimensions of higher reality. The understanding of, and exploration of, our own minds, is the way to understand Yog-Sothoth.

        An “Automatic direction of Energy & Will towards Need & Desire” is defined as the meaning of the Card which in other Decks is represented as The High Priestess. Our definition of he Tarot having been started, this statement is reminiscent of the ideas of Alestair Crowley and the Golden Dawn: The whole religion of Thelema revolves around the idea of direction of Will (as does some other systems of the occult), and a large part of Western esoteric belief is now defined in terms of the Worship of the Necronomicon system. If an entire system of belief can operate around the idea of Will, we now see that Yog-Sothoth can fit in with the more mainstream and established system of the occult if we choose to see it that way.

            So, despite the notion that this does not fit exactly with this particular interpretation of the Tarot of Lovecraft as one specific form of understanding, our Deck does specifically follow the idea of every other system of the Tarot as traditional. This is quite a bizarre system of religious thought, although it does not diverge from the Tarot as one system as it exists as a concept. “Intuitive ability to make fundamental associations between antithetical ideas and / or objects” is defined, and in this Card 2 accords to the High Priestess in context with the Tarot as each different Deck is, on a further level, a part of another religious system.

NEGATIVE READING: Yog-Sothoth is, as with the rest of our interpretation, a force of insanity which is beyond the proper comprehension of mankind. So when the Lovecraft Tarot defines “Dissolution of function and / or Form”, it is describing the nature of this God-Form in terms of how this accords to a human interpretation. Whilst on this level it can be seen as being descriptive of the God-Form as it exists to our understanding, the statement of “lapse into abstraction, loss of direction & structure [and] disorder”, also describes a situation which can become apparent in our own lives which we will soon have to contend with. “Inability to solidify intent or mainstream course of action” is defined further here; and we who Worship the Old Ones see this statement as relating most directly to our own religion (in this particular sense, of Yog-Sothoth), and our own integrity in terms of our Worship, and the excersizes of the mind which are necessarily involved.

        “Half-formed ideas; unstable logic; inability to reason or communicate [and] mental distraction” is defined. This obviously relates to the state of mind that everybody experiences at times, that we are just mentally exhausted. But this statement can be regarded as being more important, that if we are Worshipping Yog-Sothoth (or any other part of the Necronomicon Mythos), then this can often impend insanity. And if these symptoms are to be experienced, it could mean that our religious study is undermining our grip on what others consider ‘real’. As with every other Negative Reading with the Lovecraft system of the Tarot, we should ask if these Negative Readings are symptoms of us actually losing our minds?