Cult of R’Lyeh Religious Statement




The Necronomicon Book of Shadows Website is the work of a New Religious Movement run by a group of the homeless in London, calling ourselves The Cult of R'Lyeh on Earth (otherwise "The Church of the Particle Collider Disaster").  Our religious movement worship one true system of Gods as having been represented by HP Lovecraft in the early 20th Century, and argue to justify that there is in fact one religious truth.  At the same time as a campaigning group we work to highlight the potential threat of the destruction of the cosmos through recent technological advancements in particle collider technology.  As a religious movement we represent this as an inherent religious issue, with the history of human religion defined under these terms from our perspective.  Further to the statement regarding the Tarot given here, the Cult of R'Lyeh regard the religious books as one statement of truth, whilst upholding The Necronomicon as one statement with a history of having been destroyed by Christianity in past Centuries of prejudice against this one religious truth. As a New Religious Movement and new campaigning group, we welcome anyone with an interest in this Website to get in touch with ideas and feedback.  We openly invite the outside world to become involved.   Further religious statements regarding our religious belief are available online - please get in touch and request them via our e-mail address.  Our main philosophical religious documents are available as follows:

In calling ourselves The Cult of R'Lyeh on Earth, we uphold three particular statements. Firstly, in calling ourselves a 'Cult' - we are established as one religious faction, issuing new perspectives on religion and new interpretations on the history of mankind in honouring one true system of Gods. Whilst arguing that the religious books represent one Universal Truth, the Cult of R'Lyeh are one religion, with our own views and rules of etiquette. In this we will only ever be one part of a human race that upholds a myriad of religious views. The initiation into The Cult of R’Lyeh is to read and ascribe to our religious views (available via e-mail, discussed below) – both The Necronomicon Book of Shadows online and further mirrors of human philosophy online, and the initiation into our Priesthood is to uphold a personal rule never to lie; a situation which every individual has the right to uphold.  In using the statement 'R'Lyeh' we uphold the worship of Cthulhu - who according to HP Lovecraft (one of our Prophets), lies at sunken R'lyeh beneath the Pacific. This is our first declaration of belief and acknowledgement of The Great Old Ones.  We believe that Lovecraft must have had access to The Necronomicon in order to be able to represent this as religious truth in his literature, and we encompass world religions as therefore defined. We use the last statement in defining our views – “on Earth” - as it is our belief that any further to the existence of the Great Old Ones, the Earth has no relevance at all as part of the greater scheme of the Cosmos. Our religious statements discuss these views further. Please e-mail us if you’d like to discuss any of these conceptual points any further.  The Cult of R’Lyeh are an openly established religious group and we welcome people to be involved.  The main religious statements upheld other than this website are discussed as follows:

RELIGION AND THE CULT OF R'LYEH ON EARTH This statement is a discussion of our views as to the other World religions, and how one religious truth is represented in this context.  The Cult of R’Lyeh see the religions of mankind as one mass individual movement which has been established by one true system of Gods, which have existed since the start of our race as played as a game by a system of religious truth.  This is our interpretation of religion and discusses where we see the other religions of humanity in context.

THE MEANING OF LIFE AND ALL THAT This statement discusses our definition of the Meaning of Life, with Douglas Adams (of all people), coming into the picture as having significance as contributing to religious truth.  In standing to define the meaning of life situations first have to be established, and tthis philosophical point has so far not been answered.  The Cult of R’Lyeh argue that if the statement can be described as being religious, then the answer has always been straightforward.  If this statement has always been defined under religious terms, why has it been the case that this question has confused religious philosophers since the start of the human race?

LEGALISE PSYCHOPHAMACEUTICOLOGY is our view on society on a greater level, and is our statement as to society on a greater basis.  The Cult of R’Lyeh argue that there is one true justification for the human race, and tthis is that we should enjoy ourselves.  Forces of religious authority have established to prevent us from doing so and The Cult of R’Lyeh Faction justify the case for armed revolution for human emancipation under these terms.

Our e-mail address is given here as If this link opens an Outlook Wizard and you don't want to use this, maybe copy and paste our contact into your own e-mail software?
The only last statement is that all of this work is the sole work and intellectual property of Tim Thompson, with the single exception of the graphics files, which are Mythos Books graphics and credited to them. This is here left until the Stars are Once Again Right for the Return of the Old Ones, and until the Cult of R'Lyeh are re-risen. Cthulhu F'tagn.



This graphic is included for those who might be interested in taking

the study of the HP Lovecraft Tarot and the working occult further.

The work of The Hermetic Order of The Golden Dawn,

as well as a large number of other occult Temples, largely works around

the idea of the application of the Tarot and the Ceremonial use if the

Qabbalah in context. As from here on we'll leave it to the Magus

to take these religious ideas further.